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What are Bullet Journals and Why You Need One

What are Bullet Journals and Why You Need One

What are Bullet Journals and Why You Need One

You may have recently heard alot about these two words ‘Bullet Journal’ (or ‘Bujo’ for short). So what are bullet journals, and why do you need one?

I’ve read tons and tons of articles on it and some are too complicated to understand and the jargons will confuse you. I will try my best to simplify them and explain it to you in the easiest way possible.

This is the 1st article of a 5-part series on Bullet Journal for Beginners.

Part 1: What are Bullet Journals and Why You Need One

Part 2: Bullet Journal Index Page Ideas You Need To See

Part 3: Simple and Easy Bullet Journal Future Log Ideas

Part 4: Easy and Simple Monthly Spread Ideas

Part 5: Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas

What are Bullet Journals?

Bullet Journal(or BuJo in short) is like an amazing planner, to-do list and diary all in one, that you create and customise for yourself which will help you improve all aspects of your life.

There are many categories you can put into your Bullet Journal and it’s really fun and exciting because no one Bujo is the same, it is your very own special planner.

You can journal your thoughts, track your habits, organise your tasks and so much more.

I am so excited to share everything I know and will share them with you in abit! ;D

So are you ready?!

Let’s Go!

How do I start Bullet Journalling?

First things first, you will need 2 major items: a Bullet Journal notebook and some writing materials!

Here are some of my favourites that I will recommend for all beginners and beyond.

These are the 4 most popular Bujo Notebooks, the pink Leuchtturm one is a cult favourite that many Bullet Journalists love, and the other 3 are also very popular and at a fraction of the price.

You can start with any one of them!

Next, pens!

For starters, I would recommend just using coloured pens, and as you go along the way you may explore the Bujo World of markers, stickers, and washi tapes and more.

There are soooooo many different brands and kinds of pens, but my favourite ones are these:

Oh yes and if you have a weakness for pretty and cute things like me, you should also consider getting these stencils and these double-ended highlighters even as beginners *exclaims in happiness*

I promise you can start your bullet journalling very well with just these few items. 😉

Yay, you are all ready to start your Bujo journey now! 😀

What are Bullet Journals and Why You Need One

What should I put in it?

Then next step will be to have some kind of organisation. Just like a regular book, it will have a table of contents at the front, followed by the content. So similarly for our bujo notebook, we have this 4 basic categories.

1. Index: This section is at the front of your notebook and serves as a table of contents with page numbers to different collections and a symbol key that you update as you go.

2. Future Log: This four-page spread is a year-at-a-glance calendar with future events, goals, and long-term tasks. Add birthdays, travel plans, and major holidays.

3. Monthly Log: This two-page spread includes a calendar with a bird’s-eye view of the month and a task page with things you want to tackle during the month. You can also add other monthly tracking pages (“modules”) including a food, fitness, finance, or book log.

4. Daily Log: This is your day-to-day to-do list.

Okay, so these 4 points are the main gist of the entire Bujo and there are so many beautiful ways to design and create them.

I will be sharing with you in detail all the different options and ways you can do it.

So we’re going to cover on index page next. Click here if you are ready to go on! 🙂

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If you need some recommendations on starting a bujo, here are a list of my favourite items to start with!

Recommended Beginners Bujo items

Bullet Journal Notebooks:

Pens and Stationeries:

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