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Funny Girlfriend Memes You Can Relate To

Funny Girlfriend Memes You Can Relate To

15 Funny Girlfriend Memes to send your Girlfriend when she is angry

Laughter is the best medicine. 15 Super funny girlfriend memes that you can relate to.

Funny memes to make your girlfriend laugh

What is one of the best ways to make your girlfriend laugh?

Send her funny girlfriend memes that she can relate to which will make her laugh out loud. It works all the time.

Happy Times

When all is rosy and happy, these memes will bring the both of you closer as you can make fun of each other, yet get a better understanding of what she wants.

Bad Times

If you and your girlfriend is fighting, send her a funny related meme.

She will still be angry at you, but she can’t help cracking a smile coz she knows that it’s true.

From there, talk things out. Trust me, it’s much easier to talk after breaking that angry wall.

So here are some of my favourite memes that you can save and send her whenever appropriate. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Funny Girlfriend Memes,

To the dude that took my ex-girlfriend: You’re going to wish you were me right now.

Funny Girlfriend Memes,

Her: Who the hell is “ALARM” and why is she calling you at 6.45am?!

Funny Girlfriend Memes,

When you already know the answer and you’re waiting for him to lie

Funny Girlfriend Memes,

When your man tries to dump you and think thats gonna stop you from being his girlfriend

Funny Girlfriend Memes,

When he realises he can’t handle a crazy girl like you but it’s too late cause you already own his soul

Funny Girlfriend Memes,

When some girl asks your boyfriend how’s he doing…

Funny Girlfriend Memes,

I can’t believe you cheated on me IN MY DREAM

Funny Girlfriend Memes,

When y’all broke up 9 years ago and she’s already dating other people

Funny Girlfriend Memes,

When he blocks your number but you still got shit to say

Did he sell his gf?

The moment you realise your crazy ex girlfriend has become someone else’s problem

What would you do if your ex wants you back?

Act friendly one more time and ima make a fucking scene

When you see the girl who’s been leaving suspect emojis under your man’s pics

Another girl liked your status…

Hope you enjoyed them!

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